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Alex Sauret is a versatile award winning visual artist and business owner from Toronto, ON.  Throughout Sauret's childhood, he began learning to draw and in school he would get caught by his teachers because his classmates would ask Sauret to draw a picture for them, so they can use towards their projects/assignments.  As the years went on Sauret started out with his first professional placement in 2000 – 2002 as a gallery assistant at the Gallery Wenzl art gallery and also at the Artery Gallery in 2010 - 2013 located in Oakville, ON. 2002 – 2010, he was exploring different aspects within the arts while trying to learn and grow as a young artist to find his niche in the arts.

In 2015, Sauret graduated from the Visual & Digital Arts program at Humber College. During his time at Humber College, he won two juried art contests back to back from his mixed media paintings and was hand selected out of the top students for producing the winning storefront window concept, titled “In the Air,” for Holt Renfrew’s flagship Yonge-Bloor location. Sauret was on the art installation art committee for the Humber graduation art exhibition. His involvement for this exhibition included evaluating art pieces and installing artwork to be presented. Sauret’s impressive range of style and imagination manifests itself in his artwork and talent. His large scale mixed-media paintings are a marvel that has to be seen in person to appreciate. Each individual piece showcases an original blend of talent and prowess.

In 2020 Sauret collaborated with his business partner and is the co-founder and designer of a game - Texas Toss'em™ more information can be found at He is also a digital media partner and designer for a recreational non-profit organization: Ontario Skateboarding. Sauret is forward-thinking and creative self-starter who interprets directions and specifications to achieve aesthetic objectives.

Thoughts from the Artist

The dynamic nature of art is that it is forever changing and growing and it is important to be open to new perspectives in order to create. I'm a true believer in applying different concepts that incorporate modern and contemporary art. An example of this is that in most of my landscape and city-scape paintings, I use real branches, recyclables and biomass to create a more tangible and stylish version of trees and buildings. 

As an entrepreneur and throughout the progression of my career, I have developed a highly-refined skillset centered on visual arts. That being said, I don't like to limit myself to only one style of art. The ability to innovate and to draw from different avenues of fine art allows for the potential to create art that is without limitation with something new each time, whether it's just with paint, different material or something nobody has yet seen. 

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